Verrucae Cryotherapy

Using the latest cryotherapy verrucae treatment is now available at the Southport clinic. In the targeted treatment tissue is frozen to -50 degrees the application is almost pain free.

The method is suitable for both single and multiple verrucae.

A consultation is needed for this treatment. Verrucae

can be difficult to manage and complete clearance is not guaranteed. Although the sooner the treatment is started the more complete clearance is seen.

When filling areas of the foot with verrucae be careful not to spread them with debri on the file.

We can work with clients who wish to combine clinic care with home care.

Verrucae Cryotherapy

£75.00 two treatments of cryotherapy for verrucae.

Follow on cryotherpy £30 as required.

Podiatry & one application £55