Fungal Nail Testing & Laser Treatment

Many clients complain about fungal nails they can be unsightly & are difficult to treat. Depending on the type of fungal nail the fungi may be under the nail i.e subungual.

We Provide Fungal Nail Testing at clinic a small sample is taken and results are available within 30 minutes. The test is simple painless and is 95% effective at positive fungal nail Diagnosis £60

Fungal nails may be treated using a topical application or for clients wanting faster results or have stubborn fungal nails. Laser nail treatment is an option.

A Nd Yag laser is applied to the nail to kill the active fungus. The laser is able to penetrate the nail bed.

The treatment has been proven effective over 4-6 treatments.

In many cases the nail will then be totally free from mycosis. Although individual results will vary.

Price List per treatment

Fungal Nail Testing £60

£35 for one foot

£40 for all nails.

Combined Podiatry and fungal nail laser £50.00

Combine your laser treatment with a podiatry chiropody treatment for optimum treatment outcome & convenience.

Complete Fungal nail Plan

Monthly treatments for a period of 12 months every 4 weeks.

Suitable for any number of fungal nails. Aftercare advice given £350.00.

Does not include Podiatry Chiropody but suitable for patients whose main problem is fungal nails.